+ How does Center for Comprehensive Health work with my insurance plan?

At Center for Comprehensive Health, we do not bill insurance for any services provided by our team. We are considered an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans. Our membership covers all primary care provided by our team. While we do not bill insurance for our services, we recommend that our members maintain insurance for laboratory testing, imaging, specialist care, emergency, and prescription coverage. These services are billed by the respective parties to your insurance, as usual.

+ Do you accept my HMO insurance plan?

The only type of insurance that is not compatible with our practice is an HMO. This type of insurance requires referrals for services by HMO-contracted physicians.

+ Do I have to pay additional fees or expenses?

Our membership covers all of our primary care services. You will never have to pay visit fees, co-pays or deductibles at our office. We do offer several specialized tests that are optional and not recommended for every patient. As these assessments are provided by outside companies, they are not included in our membership fees.

+ Do I still need to see my specialists for my chronic health conditions?

As board-certified internists, our physicians are well versed in all body systems and can help you determine if management of your condition by an outside specialist is recommended.

+ How can I communicate with my physician?

Our office phones are open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm. Additionally, we offer a mobile app (SPRUCE) and online patient portal (ELATION PASSPORT) for HIPAA secure messaging with our office team and your physician. Outside of office hours, patients can call their physician directly for acute needs and concerns.